Buying Local & Seasonal

Buying Local & Seasonal

We are spoiled in this world where we can basically buy anything at any time.

Mass demand has created this was of living where you can get strawberries in winter, pumpkins in spring and parsnips in summer! In reality, every season has its lovely specific produce that we should all be enjoying. Whenever we buy something in the store that is off season, we forget that in most cases it comes from somewhere far and travels long distances before it arrives in our plates.

Here are some great advantages of buying local and seasonal:

  • Promoting and sustaining farmers and local agriculture
  • Reduces your carbon footprint, since there is less energy used on transporting the produce from afar.
  • Overall uses less plastic because there is usually less packaging
  • Maximizes nutrient density! Produce that is grown in the correct season will be flavoursome and tasty.
  • Often its pesticide & preservative free
  • In many cases is cheaper
  • You can enjoy and try new vegetables and fruits

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst 

Of course, it is hard to know exactly what is in season every month, but the best intuitive indication is what is being sold at farmer markets, or in the BIO section of your supermarket. But if you are curious here are some guidelines as to what is seasonal in Switzerland by month or season:

Even if you don’t speak either language, both provide photos of the vegetables and fruits that are seasonal, so its super easy to understand!

Also don’t forget to bring your own shopping bag & veggie bags when you go to your local farmers market or store!! Nothing ruins seasonal and local produce like unnecessary plastic bags.

Now with all this new or refreshed knowledge, you can enjoy your seasonal produce! Don’t forget to also research some great new recipes to give those new vegetables and fruits a go. :)