DO good and FEEL good at the same time!

DO good and FEEL good at the same time!

Anyone who practices yoga knows how great it is for the physical and mental state. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, then it’s time to give it a go!

Benefits of yoga:

  • Builds muscle strength
  • Improves posture
  • Improves flexibility
  • Makes you feel better! And happier!
  • Relaxes you
  • Helps your sleep
  • Increases blood flow
  • Helps overall physical health
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle

This list can keep going, and the more research you do the more you realize that yoga is great! There are many kinds of yoga for different purposes and you can find the best type for you!

It is important to have the right equipment when doing yoga to do it correctly, safely and comfortably. Make sure to choose clothing that is comfortable and stretchy. Of course, during your session make sure to have water with you, to stay hydrated! We recommend the Corkcicle, as it is refillable and will keep your water cool!

Now, when you go to a yoga studio, they usually provide you with mats, however most of them are not ecological and have been used by many other people before (kinda ew). So, we highly recommend to take a look at eco-friendly yoga mats and towels, such as Yoga Lab Design. Their mats are made from natural tree rubber and sueded microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Furthermore, they are toxic glue, silicone and phthalates free! Oh what we didn’t mention is they are absolutely beautiful and super high quality! What’s great is these mats are not ONLY for yoga, but you can also use them to do other physical exercises, or just lay around on them since they are oh so incredibly soft!! Their range doesn’t only contain mats but also yoga towels, that you can place on top of the mats that are used in the studios. The Yoga Lab Design mat towels are light, high quality, absorbent and non-slip. 

We think it’s time that we expand our green practices to sports, as there are so many new alternatives that are great quality and saving our environment.  

Lets stay healthy, happy and eco-friendly!