Tips for travelling GREEN!

Tips for travelling GREEN!

Travelling is really the best..the opportunity to visit new places is exciting. However, travelling also creates a lot of waste…everything from plastic bags, snack wrappers, plastic bottles and so much more! Now, there are many ways to improve and make your travels waste free, cheaper and healthier.

Here are a few of our GREEN travel tips:

Travel locally

We are always so used to flying somewhere far to enjoy a holiday, however, we forget to sometimes explore our own country and neighbouring cities! There are so many great places we are sure you haven’t been to locally, just a simple train ride away. For your next trip, why not consider somewhere closer rather than far :)


Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst

Pick a green hotel

When booking your hotel, search for certified green hotels (LEED certification)! Also, look at their practices and their messages each hotel or establishment, look out for green and sustainable places! Another great idea is renting apartments, smaller hotels and B&Bs as they tend to be more sustainable than large establishments.


Pack light, we rarely ever wear everything we bring! Also the lighter the better, less weight, means no problems with carryon or checking in luggage. Make sure to pack your bathroom necessities into a waterproof necessaire or a Stasher Bag – to avoid any leakages! Another great way to keep your packing hygienic is putting your undergarments and laundry into Bagall cotton bags rather than using plastic bags or hotel plastic laundry bags.  You can also ensure top notch organisation by keeping your "private stuff" (ex-female hygiene products) in a small cotton Bagall and also your multiple chargers in one bag to avoid losing them!


Snacks & Water

Everyone knows how expensive airport food and water is, it’s the same shock every time! So why not pack some snacks at home to take with you on your trip. You can easily pack some nuts, veggies, fruits or anything you like into a Stasher Bag which will save you money and will probably be much healthier. Also, it’s time to invest in reusable drinkware, which is travel friendly and you won’t have to buy any water at the airport (just make sure the tap water is drinkable, or that there are water fountains to refill after the security check). Also, if the place you are going has drinkable tap water then even better! Check out the Corkcicle, its great quality and looks awesome!

Pick up your trash

Whether you are going to a beach, or anywhere else make sure to always pick up your trash and throw it into a garbage bin! If everyone did this, our planet would be much cleaner! A little will go a long way. Also if you want to do some good deeds while on holiday and you see some trash laying around, don’t hesitate to pick it up and throw it out too, the planet will thank you :)

Photo by Dan Gold from Burst

These are just a few things you can do without straining your lifestyle. Once you start doing them, they will easily become part of your travel routine! If you have any great Green travelling tips we haven’t mentioned, please let us know, we can keep adding to this list to spread the word and help each other :)