Why Corkcicle?

Why Corkcicle?

Living in Switzerland is truly a privilege. Quality of life, healthcare, the views.. but above all, what we all take for granted is drinkable tap water! People around the world pay to drink our tap water, and we sometimes still choose to buy bottled water instead. It is time to stop buying and start refilling! 

Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst

If we take an average person:

  • 300 bottles of water a year
  • 25 bottles of water a month
  • Approximately 6 bottles of water a week

 That is an astonishing amount! If you add it all together that would be an annual cost of at least 450CHF! Now, this is where the Corkcicle finally comes in :)

 A Corkcicle canteen is not just a drinkware, it is a way of living! Buying a Corkcicle is a one time payment, which will allow you to refill your water for free..obviously! But its great you can take it with you everywhere, even at the airport (if you pour out the water and then refill it again of course).

 So, let’s discuss the technical benefits of owning a Corkcicle canteen:

  • Keeps your drinks cool for 25 hours
  • Keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours
  • Triple Insulation
  • Wide mouth, which makes it easy to drink and easier to put in ice cubes
  • Slip proof, silicone bottom
  • Easy-grip sides
  • Screw on cap

Apart from the that list of technical pros, I mean, come on, it looks AWESOME! It’s a clean cut, stylish canteen that will have everyone asking you about it.

Think about the planet, your money and your time and a Corkcicle is a great way to get started! Instead of 300 bottles a year, you can get ONE!