About Us

7AM: Wake up groggy
8:30AM: Go to a coffee shop and get coffee/tea in a takeaway cup
12PM: Go to pick up lunch in a plastic bag
6PM: Go to the grocery store, load vegetables in plastic bags and pack all the shopping in more plastic bags.
9PM: Go to a bar with your friends and have a couple of drinks, each round bought is served with new plastic straws or stirrers.


Can you relate? Well this is your waste at the end of the day: at least 6 unnecessary plastic items that most probably will not be recycled.

Let’s look at the facts:

  • 91% of plastic waste is not recycled
  • Approximately 2 MILLION single-use plastic bags are distributed at shop checkouts around the world EVERY MINUTE.

Our planet is struggling to cope with our demanding consumption habits and the current facts suggest that we are dangerously close to losing our habitat if we don’t change. Plastic pollution might not be something we realize or notice every day but the problem is there and it needs to be tackled yesterday! 

My name is Daria Malyavina, founder of TO BE GREEN, and we are here to help you evolve your lifestyle, so together WE CAN save our planet.

TO BE GREEN will provide YOU with practical, cool and green products. We will always be researching new trends and delivering quality products to you.  

Find what you need to make a change, and you can order it online, and we will ship it to your location.


Thanks for joining the collective effort TO BE GREEN.
-TO BE GREEN squad